Group Workout Tracking designed for CrossFit.

Workout tracking integrated into your gym's WOD blog.

Everything we do is built into your gym's website – PR tracking, leaderboards, athlete profiles, and the Whiteboard.

Your athletes already check your WOD blog every day. We fit right into their existing daily routine and strengthen their connection with your gym and your brand. Why mess with a good habit?

Athlete profiles show individual progress so you can be in touch with your community.

Fuel competition in your gym through gym-wide leaderboards.

Surpass your goal using Wendler’s Formula to predict your max loads.

Easy-to-use Whiteboard built into your daily WOD Blog so athletes never have to leave your site.

My wife and I just wanted to say thank you. We love using CF Whiteboard! Our athletes love it too.

Justin CrossFit Pneuma

I DO really like how CF Whiteboard integrates right into the Affiliate’s website. This constantly directs the web traffic back to our site…genius!

Rob CrossFit Rockland

Athletes can help grow your community by sharing their results on Facebook, which links back to your site.

Keep track of workouts you do outside of class, or even outdoor activities like hikes or rock climbing.

Chart your PR history and set goals for your next big lift!

Program benchmark workouts throughout the year to gauge your athletes' progress over time.

By the way - our members love your app! :)

Jamie CrossFit Helix

The Whiteboard on TF Black Training provides a sense of community for guys like me who do not have a box locally.

a TF Black athlete TF Black Training
$ 50 monthly subscription
  • Athlete Profiles Integrated into Your Website
  • Whiteboard App Integrated into Your WOD Blog
  • Benchmark Workouts and PR Tracking
  • Athlete Performance Charts
  • Predicted Weightlifting Results
  • Searchable Athlete Logbooks
  • Share Workout Results on Facebook
  • Free Installation
  • Dedicated Email Support for Your Athletes

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